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28th August 2010

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Rick and I planned to spend the weekend at Cassilis but the weather forecast convinced us that a day trip would suffice.

We had to work in the vineyard completing the final pruning and then tying down the main leader vines for this year's crop. Surprisingly the weather was lovely with big blue skies and a only few clouds. We worked most of the day in the vineyard finishing about 11 rows in all. Howard tells us we need to complete the final pruning by the first week in September. That is next week by my calculations and I don't think we will make it!

I had a slight mishap with a very springy vine which flew back and hit me in the eye. I imagined I had blood everywhere and was not opening my eyes for anyone for a while. All was well, I could still see but its still a bit blurry and quite sore. Hopefully no problems tomorrow. Rick reckons I might have a nice black eye.

We are pruning the pinot noir hard this year, only leaving one leader vine to commence the season with. Last season we were hit hard with brown rot and lost about 70% of our crop. We are trying to keep the vines open and easy to maintain, hopefully lessening our chances of getting rot this coming season.

We took up our trailer and collected about a metre of firewood for our Newlands Arm house.

The block looks good with very little growth in the grasses due to the cold conditions. We can see the main dam has had more runoff flowing into it and are really pleased with this as this water will be used to irrigate our apple trees. The apple trees all look fine - no growth as they are still dormant. Fortunately we don't seem to have any issues with rabbits but we have put a tree guard around every tree just in case.

There is still plenty of evidence of wombats and they continue to explore our boundary fence until they find a spot where they can burrow under and then pass on through our block through another hole under the fence along the south side. I am yet to see one but know there are heaps in the area. We also see lots of evidence of kangaroos and so far they aren't causing us any problems either. When walking around the block we noticed something had scratched and rubbed against some young black wattle trees and wondered if it was a deer.

Rick is planning another week up on the mountain to complete the pruning and there are plenty of other jobs to complete: fencing, clearing blackberries, mowing, clearing vine cuttings and burning them off ....etc.


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