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24th January 2011

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Well it's been a while so I thought it was about time for another update.

We've lodged out application for Planning Permission about 5 weeks ago and haven't heard anything as yet. I was complemented on the standard of the documentation I provided and she made the comment that a lot of people struggle with all the paper work. Perhaps 31 years with Centrelink has helped!

We spent the weekend up at Cassilis. We have continued to have regular rain up there although not the volume that the rest of Victoria has had. As a result the grapevines continue to grow and we have had to trim them for the third time. This is time consuming, boring and basically hard work as it is primarily done with our hands above our head. It is necessary though as it exposes the grapes more so they can be sprayed and also ripen better and also enables the nets to be put on a lot more easily - probably next month.















































(Yes I know the rows are different but you should get the idea)

The cherry plum trees are loaded and rather than waste them I have decided to make a plum wine.

Plum Trees























We picked 3 buckets (9 litre buckets) of the red ones and 1 bucket of the yellow ones and then took them down to Howard's to mash them.

The Plums























The plums were put back into the bucket and then the bucket filled with water. The plums and water were then poured into Howard's 'hand chipper' to be mashed.

The Mash






























The container is clean and has been sterilised - the staining you can see is just tannin. We then added some champagne yeast and took it back to Newlands Arm to continue the fermentation. I will add a bucket of blood plums that have been frozen and thawed. This breaks done the pectin in the plums and makes it easier for them to be fermented. I want the blood plums to try and get a bit of pinkness into the wine.  I will also add sugar as recommended by Howard. 4kgs to around 40 litres of must which should give us at least 30 litres of wine.

The Must























There has been a request for more photos in the updates so I thought I would add this one. We have water from the dam running down to the camp via a poly pipe laying on the ground. This not only gives us reasonable pressure but also heats up to provide a perfect temperature shower.

Having a Shower























All up it was an enjoyable but tiring weekend. We are really looking forward to the building stage and hope to be able to start in the next month or two.


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