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11th September 2010

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Well it's been a busy time. Alvyn the architect has prepared 2 house design options for us and we went to Warburton today to meet with him to discuss the way forward. The 3 of us were unanimous in which option to proceed with but we will let you check out the options before we tell you which one we have gone with.

Alvyn is really enjoying the project - this site is quite difficult because of the slope, the height of the dam bank and the southerly aspect. We are extremly happy with his work to date and are really impressed with his thoughtfulness in the placement of the buildings.

I went up there yesterday to finish off the pruning and am pleased to report that it is now all done. I actually enjoyed it and can see that after the next prune in 12 months time we will have gone a long way to restoring the vineyard to how it should be. The trellis work does need replacing in a lot of the rows as the end posts/stays have rotted or moved and the wires are not really tight enough. We are putting that work off until we have a decision from the council on the access point to the property. It is possible that we may have to pull up some vines to put in a new driveway as the current access point goes across crown land rather than directly off the government road.

Traminer pruned



















The cherry plum trees are in full blossom and the buds on the pears are quite swollen but the apples are still a way off flowering. Thankfully we have had more rain up there - only around 25mm in the last couple of weeks but the water level in the dam is the highest that we have seen.

The cherry plum blossom



















The next couple of weekends we will be away but when we get back we will do an overnighter up there to tidy up all the prunings. At the moment they are just on the ground and will do a spray for weeds if the weather is fine. There is also the fencing to finish off and the trellis posts to put in the orchard. Plenty to do ...




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