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The Retaining Wall

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In the beginning



















What it looked like at the start - some bricks have been removed but you get the idea


Work in Progresss - the high end



















Work in progress- the high end. Sleepers are treated pine. 2.4 metres 200mmx75mm. Posts are at 1.2 metre centres and 750mm in the ground and concreted in.


Work in progress - the road end


















The road end - had to move the storm water over a fraction.


All done!



















All done! Around 2 1/2 weeks work. Not full time but fairly constant. All up used 39 sleepers at $21.50, 9 bags of cement at $8.00, 3 boxes of 125mm screws at $29.95 a box and a metre of concrete aggregate mix at $55. $1055 all up. Could be worse - might have had to pay someone. Enjoyed it a lot. Next step is to pull up all the bricks and redo the driveway with the 'crushed rock'.