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Apple Update 14th November 2010

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Well the first of the apples have been in since the 24th of July and most are doing really well. We have had plenty of rain and apart from a mishap with Howard's sheep, they haven't been troubled by animals.

Some seem more suited to the espalier method we have chosen - see KNNN than others. In particular, Pink Lady, Gravenstein, Coxs Orange Pippin, Jonagold, Hubbardston Nonsuch and Early McIntosh are progessing very well and it is easy so see the next steps in the process. Some of the varieties were not tall enough to be bent down on the first wire this year and will have to wait until next year. The James Grieve and Pink Lady have set some fruit which will let develop. From what I've read, they should be encouraged to fruit as early as possible.

It is too early at this stage to tell if the "Improved Foxwhelp" is any better than the original!

We have completed the initial stages in setting up a watering system to get them through the first 3 or 4 summers. We have recycled the poly pipe that was on the trellises that were originally there. Next step is to remove all the drippers and put them in the right spots. Plenty of goof plugs needed! We will also get some pea straw and mulch to keep the weeds down and conserve moisture.

We are fortunate that the level of the water is high enough now that we can gravity feed into the tank at the top of the rows. The plan is to fill the tank when we get up there and water 2 or 3 rows and then fill it up before we leave and water the rest. By using a tank we wont have to worry about remember to turn off the pipe from the dam - would be a disaster to forget to turn it off and empty the dam. It will also enable us to add soluable fertiliser to the water.

We don't have enough of a flow to do all the trees at once and I suspect that if we tried that the trees on the lower 2 rows would get more water that then rest. I tried to explain to Debra that it was all about head but she just hit me!


Debra unrolling the poly

Watering System

Brown Snout

Coxs Orange Pippin

Early McIntosh


Hubbardston Nonsuch

Improved Foxwhelp

James Grieve


Kingston Black

Pink Lady

Reines de Hatives

Somerset Red Streak

Last Updated on Sunday, 14 November 2010 07:36