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Setting up the Orchard

Larry in the orchard













The apple orchard is to be situated in the north east corner of the property. This area was orginally planted out in grapes and elderberries but was now overgrown with weeds include horehound.  It also had trellises setup for the grapes but with the boundary fences needing to be realigned following the survey, the trellising need to dismantled.

Rickey and Larry in the Orchard













Rickey and Larry dismantling the existing trellis. Notice the height of the weeds. They were heigher the closer we got to the back boundary.

Picking out the burrs













Larry and Sharyn picking the burrs out of Larry's socks. No the tent hasn't fallen over - we're in the process of packing up.

Orchard after Mowing













Orchard after mowing and with the trellising removed. If you look carefully, you can see that there are 4 gal posts on the right hand side that are still to be removed. These are actually on crown land and we will have to dig them out - they are stuck! Pine posts are in the middle of each row. The rows are a total of 75 metres long and the trees will be planted 3 metres apart. This is further than the recommended 2 metres to take into account the lower rainfall.

We still need to run the wires and put the gal trellis posts in but are waiting for our tractor so we can rip along and across the rows before planting. There is a considerable amount of small stone that we want to rip through to give the trees a head start.


14th June 2010 Update

Rick ripping













The rows were ripped at least a couple of times to try and get down as far as possible. Down the bottom there was a lot of small stone and generally the soil looked very good.


Debra straining













Rick ran out the wires to the other end and gave Debra the job of straining them and inserting the gripples. The thing that gave her the most problems was getting the strainer off the wire. There was a height issue as well for the top wire.

Rick putting in the trellis posts





















Rick banging in the trellis posts. They need to go down about 500mm and are spaced 6 metres apart. At this stage only the top and bottom wires are in place.

One row done!













One row complete! Wire is strained using 'gripples'. These are joiners that stay on the wire and can be used to re-tighten the wire at a later date by simply using a wire strainer to push the wires through the joiners which have a clutch system to prevent them slipping back. See Waratah Gripples for more information. From this photo you can see that we have ripped across the rows as well.


Last Updated on Monday, 14 June 2010 02:30