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Apple Varieties

After much searching our apples have been purchased from Heritage Fruit Trees.


Considered by many to be one of the best all round apples in the world. A sweet, slightly tart flavour makes it suitable for cooking, cider and eating. Leave to fully ripen on the tree for the best flavour.

James Greive

Another award winning apple, receiving the RHS Award of Merit in 1897 and First Class Certificate in 1906. Probably a seedling from Cox's Orange Pippin. A savoury apple that mellows as fruit matures. A good cooking apple that can be eaten as it ripens further after picking. An excellent source of apple juice and a good polleniser in the orchard.

Somerset Red Streak

Mid season harvest. Flowers mid season. Mild bittersweet. Small medium red striped fruit. Producing medium bitter sweet cider and often blended with sharper varieties. Continuou s cropper. Vigorous grower.

Reines de Hatives

Sweet cider style.

Brown Snout

Mid to late harvest. Late flowering. Medium fruit. Green/yellow and 'eye' russeted. Producing mild to medium bitter/sweet cider, with soft tannin.

Cox's Orange Pippin

Even though it is close to 200 years old Cox's Orange Pippin remains one of the world's best known apples. Its fame rests on its delightful flavour. It fell out of favour commercially being somewhat disease prone in damper climates. A great selection for warmer and drier times.

Early McIntosh

White, tender, crisp flesh that is spicy, highly aromatic and full of juice. Great for fresh eating, sauce and for baking with a softer pie filling.

Hubbardston Nonsuch

Originated in Hubbardston, Massachusetts, USA. It was first recorded in 1832. Considered one of the better early to midseason varieties. Hubbardston Nonsuch has a high sugar content and a rich, complex flavour. Very useful for cider as well as eating fresh.

Improved Foxwhelp

Mid season harvest. Sharp. Flowers mid season. Brilliant red striped medium fruit. Producing cider with strong musky aroma. Used to give strength and flavour to blends.


Introduced in 1968 and received an RHS Award of Merit in 1987, Jonagold is grown through Europe and Japan. A cross between a Jonathan and a Golden Delicious, fruit is crisp and juicy with an aromatic honey flavour. Considered one of the best of all modern apples.

Kingston Black

Late Harvest. Flowers mid season. Bittersharp/vintage.Dark red fruit, small and flushed. Producing full bodied cider of distinctive flavour. Self fertile.

Pink Lady

An Aussie apple that has taken the UK by storm. Strongly marketed in that most apple-centric country. They even market the second grade fruit as Cripp's Pink to get a premium for the not-quite-perfect fruit. Tasty uncomplicated fruit that appeals to the whole family. Ideal in the small home orchard as a late bearer that stores easily for many months - you can be eating home grown apples throughout the year


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