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House Design Options

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Hi there,

To prepare for the meeting Saturday afternoon, i will send you the two design options i am looking at...

I think its better if you have more time to look at them before the meeting, then you can come armed with more questions

There are two sketchup files attached which have rough form models, and sketch plans which explain the layout

A is a more traditional form with pitched roofs, gables and lots of 90 degree corners - easy to stage and i suggest a small change in levels - 4 to 6 steps between different areas.  The games room is below the guest  bedrooms for noise and footprint efficiency. The lower and verandah roofs between fill in the gaps between the main roofs

B is a bit more organic, but no curves and a variety of corners - many will still be 90 degrees though... i have kept the views from indoor (kit, living, study, bedroom 1) and outdoor spaces a high priority and by separating the guest areas can encompass a courtyard which will work nicely to diminish the dam wall

In both i have notionally shown the pool, but left resolution of the north gardens till later

I haven't pushed the3D modelling to the next level as it takes a lot of time, and would prefer to do it on one option only for efficiency - so the sketchup files are rough - ie roofs don't have thickness and windows are barely described

There is also quite a bit of resolution to come on final levels, wall thicknesses, windows, etc

Please let me know if you have any questions, otherwise see you Saturday!

alvyn williams
soft loud house architects