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Thomas Price Herbertson 1908 to 1988

Thomas Price Herbertson is my grandfather. Details from his birth certificate are;

When and where born Name and whether present or not Sex Father Mother Signature, Description and Residence of Informant Accoucheur, Nurse by whom certified and Names of Occupiers or oher Witnesses When registered and where Signature of Regustrar
Name and Surname, Rank, or Profession of the Father, Age and Birthplace When and Where married. Previous Issue, living and deceased. Name and Maiden Surname of Mother. Age and Birth-place
June 1st 1908
Shire of Portland
County of Normanby
Thomas Price Herbertson
Male Maria Herbertson
mn Bannam
41 years
Robert Bannam
Mrs Field
June 22nd 1908
TW Emerson

On the 6th of February 1919, William Thomas Herbertson? was baptised into the Methodist Church at Heywood. He is shown as being the son of Robert Willam Henry Herbertson and Maria Herbertson (nee Bannam).

On the 2nd January 1929, Thomas Price Herbertson, of Milltown married Florence Alma Madeline Colyer of Wallacedale. The marriage certificate shows his father's name as Robert William H. Herbertson (Labourer).

The big question then is; who actually was the father of Thomas Price Herbertson (aka William Thomas Herbertson)?

Further enquiries within the family revealed that the father of Thomas Price Herbertson was in fact Charles Price of Milltown. (I think from memory, my mother in her usual subtle way actually asked Tom.) It is believed that Robert William Henry Herbertson was away droving and came home to find Maria pregnant. He then shot through leaving Maria with their two children, Maurice Stanley born 1904 and Lily Janet born 1901, and pregnant with Tom. Charles Price (DOB 23/1/1856) was married to Sarah (nee Ellis) at the time and "all hell broke loose" when Sarah found out. It was apparently common knowledge among the Price family that Charlie was the father of Tom. Charlie and Sarah had 9 children of their own and their son, Rueben in particular was the "spiiting image" of Tom and they were often mistaken for each other. The informant for the birth of Thomas, Robert Bannam was Maria's brother, and it is believed that he chose the second name of Price so that everyone would know who the father was. (As an aside, my youngest brother is named Dale Price Herbertson after his grand-father before the significance of the "Price" name was known. I'm not that sure that Thomas was impressed with the honour.)

From the Hamilton Spectator 7/8/1908

In the Heywood Court of Petty Sessions
Robert Bannam v Robert Henry Herbertson, charged with leaving his child, Maurice, without adequate means of support. The defendant did not appear. Robert Bannam stated that Herbertson had left the child without support for 18 months. The mother was at home with her parents, and the child was with her. The parents had been married for about 6 years, and the child was little more than three years of age. Witenss took proceedings because he was supporting his parents and his sister (Herbertson's wife). The P.M. said defendant had written a letter to the court, saying he support his wife if she came to live with him. The witness continued: She could not go to him as he would not provide the means, and he would not come and take her away. Defendant was a labourer, but witness had no idea how much he earned. He only knew defendant was working of a farm, and had sent only £ 1 in twelve months. Mr Hart C.P.S. gave evidence of the receipt of the letter from Herbertson on or about the 30th of June. Mr Bannam produced the marriage certificate, and said his sister was deaf and dumb. He had written to Herbertson twice, but had received no reply. The bench made an order for 4/- a week, the first payment to be made on August 12th, and the defendant to find a security of £ 10, and himself in £ 10, to comply with the order, 14 days allowed to obtain the surety.

It is interesting to note that the oldest child Lily was not mentioned in the Court proceedings. It is not know if Robert W.H complied with the order.

The upshot of all this is that Tom parents were Charles Price and Maria Bannam, and that I am not related in any way to the Herbertsons that arrived in Portland in 1841 or their descendants.

However, further research revealed that Maria Herbertson (nee Bannam) was a person of some interest. Maria Bannam 1867 to 1945

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